mission & vision

Inform the world of God's immense love for everyone.  As heirs to the Kingdom of God, you are precious and invaluable to Jesus.  We are committed to share experiences and application of God's grace and love in every area of our lives .

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god's love for you...

...is beyond any comparisons or explanations!  Won't you assist us in spreading the gospel of grace and love to the nations?

Upcoming programs

Ladies/ Men Gathering Sessions

​Hurt 2 Healed Outreach Sessions

Women of Grace Monthly Gatherings held 

(Every 2nd FRIDAY)


Grace Gathering Ministries is focused on outreach and gathering those that are inspired by God to spread the message of God's love and grace throughout the nation!  We are excited to partner with you and invite you to discover resources to share with those that you encounter on your journey of faith!  If you are desiring to partner with Grace Gathering Ministries feel free to connect with us for more resources and information!  We are looking forward to hearing from you!